Tricare Enrollment for 2020 Is Now Open

On the occasion of Veterans Day, Tricare’s open enrollment season also began, which already had 9.5 million service members, veterans, and their families. Until Dec. 9, current Tricare beneficiaries will...

What You Need To Know About TRICARE Open Season

TRICARE Open Season is the annual period when you can enroll in or change your health plan for the next year. The 2019 TRICARE Open Season for the year 2019 starts on November 11th and closes on December 9th. ...

Understand Your TRICARE Young Adult Plan

In case you are worried about your regular TRICARE coverage as you will turn 21 years old- let us tell you, there is nothing to worry about. You may no longer be eligible for regular TRICARE coverage- but you...

What Is Tricare



The United States Department of Defense Military Health System has established a health care system, known as TRICARE, which provides

The Plans

tricare extra


Members eligible for TRICARE are allowed to take advantage of the benefits offered through the TRICARE Extra plan. TRICARE Extra is not available to members on active duty

TRICARE Standard

TRICARE Standard program is not available for free, even though it has no enrollment fees. There is a portion of medical costs that are paid such as copayments


Disability Compensation

Disability Compensation

Do you find yourself unable to work because of a disability? Read on to find out how you, as a TRICARE beneficiary, can be got Disability Compensation or compensated for disabilities.

Using Tricare

Getting Your Medication

This page contains all the information you need to know to determine your eligibility, Getting Your Medication, the kind of prescription drugs that are covered by TRICARE and how these prescriptions can be filled out.

Plan Benefits

Benefits of Tricare ECHO

The TRICARE ECHO program aims to provide special services and supplies to military beneficiaries who suffer from mental and physical disabilities. This page will provide you with the information regarding the nature of...