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The TRICARE Reserve Select program is now offered to select members of the United States National Guard or Reserve without specific military

TRICARE Reserve Select

The TRICARE Reserve Select program is now offered to select members of the United States National Guard or Reserve without specific military service requirements. Members who qualify for or are covered by the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program are exempt from this program.

One premium amount is charged per coverage plan. Member-Only individual coverage has a premium of $50.75 per month and the Member-and-Family plan premium is $205.62 per month. These are all 2015 premium rates. The rates are modified every year and go into effect January 1 of each year.

The coverage can be purchased throughout the year at any time without any open enrollment periods. Two steps are required for the enrollment process:

Step 1: Application Process

1. Log onto the web portal for the National Guard and Reserve at

2. Click on the “TRICARE Reserve Select” section

  • Select the most suitable coverage for you needs

3. Confirm that you are not enrolled in or eligible for the FEHB program

4. Select the most suitable coverge start date

5. Print out and sign form DD 2896-1 (TRS Request Form)

Step 2: Purchase of Package

The filled out and completed TRICARE Reserve Select Request form should be submitted along with the first month’s premium payment to the regional contractor via fax or mail.

You can visit to learn more on updates regarding the TRICARE Reserve Select Program.

It is advisable that you discuss any retirement concerns with your local Transition Assistance Program coordinator prior to retirement.  For additional information, refer to the Transition Assistance Program.


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  1. SPC Thomas Lanteigne

    Is there information on where to send the fax or mail for regional contractors? I have a 2896-1 but cannot locate a number to fax it to.

  2. Katlyn L Hubbard

    I am under my husband’s insurance using TriCare Reserve Select, we are looking to have a baby in the next year or so, does TriCare Reserve Select offer a short term maternity disability insurance? Everything I have been able to find says you get it through your work’s insurance, which obviously is hard when I do not get my healthcare through my job.

  3. Hello can you please tell me what the cost is for the 2016 rate for Tricare Reserve Select is for the member plus 3 dependants would be?

  4. The link for the Tricare select doesn’t have a link for it once you get to the website as you stated on this website. Is there some updating needed or am I just not seeing it?

  5. I need to find an MD for the first time in my life, I have always seen NP or DC for my medical needs, cant find a list of doctors on your website, I have Tricare select reserve thru the military, live in Portland ME, I am in the ANG

  6. starting in 2018 will there be a monthly cost for Tricare Select I am on Tricare standard now

  7. I need to change my auto payment information. Is there a link to this site or do I need to call?

  8. I have a refund check that has expired. It was delivered to the wrong address 3 years ago. Who should I call?

  9. How do i cancel my tricare?

  10. I recently had a baby. Where do I mail the form to add my baby to our Tricare Reserve Select?

    • Help

      You can get TRICARE for your child in two steps:

      1/ Register your newborn or adopted child in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). You must enroll in DEERS for TRICARE coverage.
      2/ Choose a TRICARE health plan and enroll your child if necessary.

      You don’t need a Social Security number to register your child in DEERS. Once you have one, update DEERS with that number. See here for additional information.

  11. I work for an ob/gyn office we need to do precerts for any office procedures or contraceptive management such as iuds etc ??

  12. Rolando Rodriguez

    How can I submit a disputed claim online regarding the lack of payment on a prescribed knee brace? I saw a fax number and address on the explanation of benefits letter. That was all, there was no information on whom to send the information…no name of an individual or office or to whom to address the fax or letter to in my submission. How do I know it won’t end up in some void and remain lost there?

  13. I am in need of a 1095 A/B for taxes. How do I go about getting one?

  14. I am a former spouse of an Air Guard member. We were married for 20 years. How can I determine if I qualify for Tricare? Who can I call?

  15. Due to the recent legislation to change has the ban been lifted that prohibits personnel eligible for federal employee health benefits from taking out Tricare coverage?

  16. I am having a hard time finding the dd form 2896-1 on all the websites that I have been told to visit. My wife and I just had a baby. We got a letter from Tricare that we needed to add her into DEERS, I did that. Could anyone help me find the dd form 2896-1 so I can send it in?

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