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TRICARE for Life is a type of coverage that military retirees are entitled to receive. In order to acquire this coverage, you must sign up for the Medicare B

TRICARE for Life

TRICARE for Life is a type of coverage that military retirees are entitled to receive. In order to acquire this coverage, you must sign up for the Medicare B, be eligible to Medicare A and you are 0f the age of 65 years old or above. The benefit of obtaining this type of coverage is that there are no enrollment fees or special enrollment periods.

To obtain more information on TRICARE for Life and to obtain a military identification card, you can log into

Who is entitled to TRICARE for Life?

It is available for all retirees in the Uniformed Services including family members who are eligible for Medicare, widows, widowers, ad any family members under the age of 65 years who is also eligible to the Medicare Part A because of any chronic renal disease or any form of disability. Medicare for Life is also available to Reserve or Guard members who have already retired.

Parents-in-law and dependent parents of retired uniformed service members are not entitled to TRICARE for Life but they are allowed to receive continued medical care from any military treatment service facility.


If you are interested in receiving more information on its Benefits, you can call the toll-free number at 888-363-5433. If you want to start claims using the TRICARE for Life program, you can call 866-773-0404 or TDD 866-773-0405.

How can you use TRICARE for Life?

There are no complications when it comes to TRICARE for Life. All you have to do is to show your military identification so that the service provider does not collect the copayment. Instead, the provider  will forward a claim to Medicare and then Medicare will then forward your claim to TRICARE for Life (TFL).

Tricare for Life users are only required to get prior authorization in case they have any mental health related problems and they have to be admitted to a hospital. TFL users have the freedom of getting help from other authorized care providers aside from the TRICARE authorized providers because their Medicare file numbers are usually used to make the claims. TFL users are also allowed to contact their nearest Uniformed Personnel officers if the Military Identification Offices are not within a close vicinity in order to obtain instructions on how to acquire an Identification Card.

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Enrollment Information for TRICARE and Medicare

TRICARE for LIFE (TFL) is a wraparound package provided by TRICARE and is available to all TRICARE Medicare-eligible beneficiaries if they are enrolled


  1. My wife, Garie, who also receives Tricare is taking acupuncture for migratory headache. Is that covered secondary to medicare?

  2. Richard J Martinez

    I would like to know if Hearing Aids are covered for Retired Military and Family Members?

    Thank You

    • TRICARE only covers hearing aids and hearing aid services for active duty service members and their family with hearing loss as follows:

      Adults with:

      Hearing threshold of at least 40 dB HL in one or both ears when tested at 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 3,000, or 4,000Hz
      Hearing threshold of at least 26 dB HL in one or both ears at any three or more of those frequencies
      Speech recognition score less than 94%

      Children with:

      Hearing threshold level of at least 26dB HL in one or both ears when tested at 500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, or 4,000Hz

      TRICARE doesn’t cover hearing aids and hearing aid services for retirees and their family. Retirees and veterans may be able to get hearing aids from other government programs, including:

      Retiree-At-Cost Hearing Aid Program (RACHAP). This is at certain military hospitals and clinics. The RACHAP lets you get hearing aids at a significant cost savings. RACHAP doesn’t cover retiree family members.
      Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Veterans may be eligible. You must first register at any VA medical center. If you’re eligible, you’ll get your hearing aids at no charge.



    • LT(jg) Bobby F Moulden

      the VA will supply Hearing Aids for the Veteran

  3. How do I change my Address?


    • Update DEERS whenever you have a change:

      Change in sponsor’s status:
      Retiring or separating from active duty
      National Guard or Reserve member activation or deactivation
      Change in service status (e.g. enlisted to officer, branch change)
      Getting married or divorced
      Having a baby
      Moving to a new location for any reason
      Becoming eligible for Medicare
      Death of sponsor or family member

  5. Does For TriCare For Life cover cosmetic laser eye surgery?

  6. I live in Austin, Texas I am retired military and am eligible for Tricare for Life. While visiting my daughter in Hannover, Germany I was hospitalized for 6 days. All the documentation is in German. Can I submit the German documentation? If not, how can I get the documents translated?

  7. I am interested in finding out about in home care or long time care ins for veterans widow. Does Tricare offer insurance?

  8. Your telephone computer system sucks. NOT HELPFUL AT ALL

  9. How I make a claim for Tricare for life.

    • Help

      In most cases, your provider will file your medical claims for you and you’ll receive an explanation of benefits detailing what was paid. Sometimes, you’ll need to file your own claims:

      When traveling
      If you get care from a non-participating provider
      If you’re using TRICARE For Life and you see a Medicare nonparticipating provider
      If you do, send your claim form to TRICARE as soon as possible after you get care.

      For more information, visit:

  10. I am trying to get info on Tricare , my husband pasted away 2 years ago July .. I received my medicare card and it goes into effect July 1. My husband and I were talking about Tricare before he pasted he was 100% disabled and was getting a VA and Social security . so I was wondering if I could get Tricare or do I have to wait , I am getting VA and SSC and Army retirement .I have ChampVA . Any info would be great .

  11. Michael J. Kreger

    Hi I am Michael Kreger and in need help.. I am 68 and am enrolled in Tricare for life. I recently signed up for dental insurance on line. Its been a couple of months now and I need to find out more about what I bought into. I need to know who to contact for info. I thought it was Delta dental but they do not recognize my ID number. SSAN #*****4875 can you send me some info. please.

  12. I need to change my address. Can I do this online?

  13. Joseph Kaaikaula

    I am 66 years old, retired and receiving Medicare and TFL. I have received a bill for Lab Services for $97.00 which shows that Medicare paid their portion and that Tricare has not paid the leftover portion. Why am I being charged $97.00 for my portion, when Tricare should be covering the leftover charges?

  14. I am presently suppose to be using Bennett Medical Supplies for my medical supplies, but have had a lot of trouble with them even getting my supplies. and was wondering how do I get to change suppliers? I would like to change to Summitt Medical supplies. How do I go about changing ?

  15. I would like to register on line in order to use the claim process

    I am Military Retired and my wife passed away July 21 2017, her name Janice F Graham

  16. Does Tricare pay exercise/gym membership cost”

  17. My primary care provider said I have to go out in town for an eye exam. Where do I find a list of eye exam locations that take Tricare for life in San Antonio, Texas. Any help will be appreciated.

  18. how can I replace my trip-care card. mine is becoming cracked and needs to be replaced.

  19. trying to get a new identification card

  20. I have TRICARE FOR LIFE, and Medicare A & B, I am also 74 years old, am due for a colonoscopy, and an endoscopy. Will I be covered in full for this procedure?

  21. I have Tricare for Life and been on that for some time. Have always gotten my prescription drugs for free. Now all of a sudden they are charging me $7.oo. Have they changed this that Tricare for Life people now have to pay for their drugs. Like I said haven’t had to do this for a long time.

  22. I would like to know if TRI CARE takes care of THE SILVER SNEAKERS PROGRAM that most retirement homes and Nursing homes carry??? It is a nice program for the elderly and helps them physically and mentally…. and gives them the mobility some patients need. I and My husband both would take advantage of this IF it were covered by Insurance. We live in a retirement community of The Heritage Pointe Of Warren, IN. Thank you

  23. I need a new ID card for Tricare for life. I called and couldn’t get the right dept.

  24. Does Tricare for Life pay for Emergency Ambulance Service to a hospital.
    I fell off my roof top Last month and with a broken leg unable to drive/walk/bicycle/ to a Hospital
    The Florida Ambulance Service said that their claim and my claim were denied
    and they only accept cash now….

  25. Dear Sir,
    I was promised 65 years ago in 1952 that if I gave my country the best 20 years of my life in the United States Air Force. They in return; my (country) would give my family free medical care for life. I held up my end of the bargain from 4 November 1952 thru 1 December 1972. Now 65years later they have reneged on their part of the contract. I just received a bill today for $16,741.41. My question is what are you going to do about it?
    I await your response. Please reply to me at your earliest convenience.
    Ralph A. Kelley
    USAF Retired
    AF 17369385

  26. Tricare’s customer service does not give answers as to why TRICARE for Life enrolled customers are now charged $7.00 for medications that were once free. They just past the buck to Express Scripts and vise versa. The USAF Afterburner stated that the changes made to TRICARE in January 2018 were not to affect TRICARE for Life users. They have referred us to DEERS and that doesn’t work. We just need an explanation.

  27. Does Tri Care for life participate in the Silver Sneakers Exercise Program at local gyms?

  28. I am having trouble changing my address with Tricare for life. Can you assist me in making that change? Please

  29. Is there a co-pay with Tricare for Life for retirees?

  30. I am retired USN, both my wife and I are over age 65. My wife uses Tricare For Life. Her hearing is getting worse. We would like to know if any part of Tricare for Life, will cover visit to Dr. to have hearing tested and possibly have to have hearing aids?

  31. I have received the information for the new Dental care program with FEDVIP. The told me that I also have to get Vision coverage from them.

    I thought Vision coverage was under my regular coverage through Medicare and Tricare for Life.

  32. My Doctor suggested I get the new Shingle Shot, it supposed to be a series of 2, are these covered by Tricare for Life, if not does anyone know what these cost? I am retired TSgt and 78. She said the old shot was only 60% effective but the new one is supposed to be 90% effective,

  33. I am trying to find out about a claims matter and the Tricare For Life phone number just keeps looping back. It tells Main Menu or Say goodbye.

  34. How can I obtain my 2018 1095B form?

  35. Mrs. Kenneth A. Brogdon

    I am the wife of a disabled veteran and have Medicare and Tricare for life. At my last eye specialist visit, the receptionist insisted I had to pay $40.00 co-pay. She said Tricare no longer pays this, is this true ?

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