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Tricare Benefits is provided to surviving family members of sponsors who passed away either when they were retired from active duty

Who is Entitled to TRICARE Benefits?

TRICARE is a kind of health care benefit which is provided to surviving family members of sponsors who passed away either when they were retired from active duty or while they were on active duty.  The family members are usually paid based on the active duty of the deceased for a period of three years. When the period elapses, they are paid at the retiree rate. Widowers and widows are usually entitled to this healthcare benefit until they remarry. Children are entitled to these benefits until they reach the age of 21 years old. However, if the child is a full-time student, they are eligible to receive TRICARE Benefits [link] until they are 23 years old.


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  1. Is the new shingrex shingles vaccine covered under tricare?

  2. That was a very lousy explanation of the Tricare benefit. Tricare is also for military retiree’s but the question still remains. Is Tricare an Entitlement ? Medicare says that Medicare is an entitlement for those who reach the age of 65. The very same question would apply to the VA for veterans healthcare. Is that an entitlement?

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