What is the TRICARE Prime Remote Program?

There’s a program called TRICARE Prime Remote for people who are unable to make use of the ordinary TRICARE Prime due to geographical reasons.

There’s a program called TRICARE Prime Remote for people who are unable to make use of the ordinary TRICARE Prime due to geographical reasons. Another program called Uniformed Services Family Health Plan is also available only in a few select regions.

TRICARE Prime Remote

The TRICARE Prime Remote plan offers coverage for health care to veterans and their families serving at a location which is a minimum of 50 miles (or almost one hour’s drive or more) from a military clinic or hospital. This program enables the beneficiaries to visit the TRICARE providers who are authorized in the civilian networkin order to seek assistance for any medical needs.

Guard and Reserve members, along with their families, meeting similar regional requirements are considered to be eligible for TRICARE Prime Remote if the individuals are called to active duty for a period exceeding 30 consecutive days. In order for the Guard and Reserve family members to be eligible, the serviceman and the family members should be residing together on the date the orders came into effect for active military service. The eligible military serviceman is not required to be enrolled in TRICARE Prime Remote program for their family members to be eligible. However enrollment in TRICARE Prime program for family members is not automatic so family members must go ahead and enroll though the sponsor does not have to enroll.

  • Fulfillment of eligibility is a must for TRICARE health benefits programs in order to enroll in Prime Remote or TRICARE Prime.
  • The TRICARE Prime Program is available in specific regions only.

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  • how does one ensure the records from past Tricare prime remote doctor visits make it into their DoD Health Record/STR?