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VA Health Care Expenses

Almost all veterans who have health conditions that are not service-related and those who cannot be compensated as they fall under 0% service-related veteran category (veterans who became sick or injured at the time of service but not that severe enough to be eligible for compensation under VA) are required to fill a yearly financial application which helps determine costs as based on the amount of their total assets and family income. If the yearly income exceeds the specific cutoff, you are responsible for making copayments for your medications and care. However, you may be exemp from making these co-payments to avoid financial difficulty if the estimations of your current year’s income are significantly lower than the appropriate threshold of income as set by the VA.

Having any other health insurance does not create any impact on the eligibility to receive the health care benefits offered by the VA. You are required to disclose this information because the VA needs to submit claims to insurance agencies for handling all non-service connected situations. The reimbursement which is collected from insurance agencies is kept at the facility of the VA health care where treatment was provided. The funds received from such sources are utilized for providing extra services to all veterans.

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