Using TRICARE Overseas

Learn more about Using Tricare overseas : If TRICARE for Life is used overseas, TRICARE becomes the primary payer toward medical care.

Coverage is provided by Medicare in the United States and U.S. territories. If you are using TRICARE overseas, TRICARE becomes the primary payer toward medical care. By paying the annual deductible, costs and shares of TRICARE becomes your responsibility. Beneficiaries of TRICARE who stay overseas and are qualified for premium-free Medicare Part A need to have Medicare Part B in order to remain eligible for TRICARE. This is due to the fact that overseas coverage is not covered by Medicare.

The program contractor for TRICARE overseas is International SOS. This program will provide you with the needed assistance for medical providers, filing of claims, finding a provider, and authorization and assistance for medical care.

Filing Claims Overseas
If you need to file a claim for care you received overseas, you’ll file the claim with the overseas claims processor using the address for the area where you got the care.

Or, file your claims online.

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