The United States Department of Defense Military Health System has established a health care system, known as TRICARE, which provides

The United States Department of Defense Military Health System has established a health care system, known as TRICARE, which provides health benefits to a substantially large number of beneficiaries around the world – approximately 9.5 million. These beneficiaries include individuals, who are currently serving in the United States military, members of the National Guard and Reserve, individuals, who have retired from work and families of people who have retired from their posts in the United States military. In addition to this, these facilities are also extended to survivors as well as former spouses or any other individuals who have been registered or enrolled in DEERS, which is the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System.

The facilities at TRICARE draw from both military clinics and hospitals, as well as civilian providers of health care services. TRICARE offers comprehensive and all-encompassing health coverage to the beneficiaries, which includes dental treatment, emergency care, hospitalization, preventive facilities and pharmacy. Furthermore, all the plans that are being offered under the TRICARE system include all health care facilities and services as stipulated in the Affordable Care Act for the minimum level of essential coverage that has to be provided to people.

At present,TRICARE offers a number of different types of health plans to people, and the availability of these plans depends on the individual and where he or she is located. Plans that are currently available include TRICARE Prime, TRICARE for Life, TRICARE Retired Reserve, TRICARE Standard Overseas, TRICARE Standard and Tricare Extra, TRICARE Reserve Select, TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas, TRICARE Prime Remote, TRICARE Prime Overseas, TRICARE Young Adult and the US Family Health Plan. For more information and further details about what each of these plans entail, you can click on the respective links and you will be directed to the appropriate pages. You can go through the various benefits that are included in each program, as well as the eligibility criteria, in order to determine which one you can qualify for.

However, if you are still not sure about the health care plan that applies to you, our website has a very helpful Plan Finder, which can help you in identifying which health plan you can potentially become eligible for. Please note that the Plan Finder is only there for your understanding and to guide you to health plans that you may qualify for; suggestions offered by the Plan Finder by no means imply that you are definitely qualified for the use of that particular plan.

Which TRICARE Plan is for YOU?

Which TRICARE Plan is for YOU? , When using the Plan Finder, you will be asked a number of questions. Once you have provided the answers to these questions, the Plan Finder will display a list of health care plans that you may potentially be able to enroll for and use. Furthermore, please keep in mind that the same health care plan may not apply to every member of your family. Thus, it is advisable for you to individually run through the Plan Finder if you wish to find out which health care plans you may eligible for.

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