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TRICARE Prime Travel Expense Reimbursement

TRICARE Prime Remote and TRICARE Prime recipients might be qualified to obtain legitimate travel costs that can be paid off by TRICARE when it is accredited by a Primary Care Manager (PCM) for medical necessities like at a non-critical specialty center situated far away from the office of the PCM at a distance of minimum 100 miles (one way). Travel expenditures include the actual costs of traveling by public transportation like ferry, bus, or airplane and also includes gas, tolls, parking, tickets, and meals. Active duty members and representatives of the Reserve and Guard serving on active duty are not eligible for any reimbursement of travel expenses under this program.

Please get in touch with the local travel department at the TRICARE Regional Offices or military treatment facility who oversees your situation in order to check your qualifications for travel expense reimbursements for health care appointments that may or may not be service-related.

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