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TRICARE Post-Retirement

As an active duty retiree, you are not exempt from receiving all healthcare provisions available to military members at Active Duty treatment facilities. However, this is dependent on space availability and staff capabilities of the chosen facility. This benefit overlap can be delicate to deal with for the reason is that former military members of the Armed Forces of the United States, regardless of rank, who received retirement payments, may be eligible for medical benefits from the VA.

However, military retirees eligible for VA medical care are required to first make a co-payment agreement. Refusal to make this agreement will disqualify members from becoming eligible for benefits. The United States Department of Defense may choose to cover those medical bills at its own expense under the department’s discretion, so you will receive medical care as a Department of Defense (DOD) beneficiary. This offer is limited to the availability of space and resources. In addition, authorization is needed before you are provided with VA medical care. This does not apply to DOD beneficiaries in need of emergency services.


Retirees with less than 20 years of service, but at least 15 service years are eligible for TRICARE benefits according to the 20-year or more service retirees plans.

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  1. Jeffrey J. Wallin

    I would like to do a change of address. However, I can’t find the area in the Tricare For Life site that will allow me to do that. Please help. Thanks.

  2. I am turning 65 in two months. I currently have Tricare Prime (as secondary insurance) for myself, my spouse (who is not employed and is 5 years younger than I) and my son in college. I am also employed with health benefits (primary insurance) through my company for myself and my family. I plan on continuing working for the company for as many as 5 more years. Furthermore neither I nor any family member is on disability.

    My questions:

    1. While employed at a company with health benefits:
    a. What do I need to do so my spouse and son can continue to be enrolled in Tricare after I turn age 65? Do I need to enroll in Medicare and if so which part(s)?
    b. And is it still referred to as Tricare Prime for my spouse and son after I turn 65?
    c. Do the associated Tricare premium payments continue to be automatically be extracted from my monthly military retirement pension?

    2. While employed at a company with health benefits:
    a. If I am required to enroll in Medicare Part A in order to retain Tricare for my family dependents, then is there a cost to me for Medicare Part A?
    b. What might the cost be if there is a cost?

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