TRICARE Plus Benefits

TRICARE Plus benefits is a program that is offered at select military facilities. The program allows enrollment for primary care at any military facility


TRICARE Plus benefits is a program that is offered at select military facilities. The program allows enrollment for primary care at any military facility which offers treatment. If a person is enrolled in Medicare Advantage HMO and TRICARE Prime, that person is not eligible to get the TRICARE Plus because it is not available at all military facilities. This does not guarantee any special care at the military facility where a person is enrolled.

It is not a portable benefit that you can use at any other facility. Contact any military offices in your area for more information.

Tricare Admin


  • How can I enroll in Tricare for life. Yes I have medicare already and Iam paying medicare premium already.
    I thought this was automatic for life once Iam enrolled in medicare at age 65.
    But I don’t want to change my primary MD, and I go to TOC Eastlake. I am happy to be there.
    I just found out that I don’t have Tricare for life when I was vacationing overseas and got sick.

  • My facility takes Tricare Plus, but they always send me to Tricare and Tricare says the facility needs to take care of me and vice a versa so I’m in a loop. I did find an enrollment form online could you send me that link please. I’m not complaining I just want to get things done. back in the day after my husband retired I can just walk in any days go take care of business I understand now it’s a lot different. I ain’t mad at ya. Thank you for your service.

  • My wife and I were already approved for TriCare Plus. However I was recently told that as of 1 July 2018 there will no longer be a TriCare Plus program and letters would be coming out to explain this to us. Today is the 29th of June and no letter yet. What can you tell me about this. I am in Minot, ND and we are enrolled at Minot AFB.

  • I’m confused about what my options are due to my age/medicare status/TFL and Tricare Plus. I have Medicare A&B due to disability, retired Navy (22 years), and coming up on age 65 in about 8 months. Currently I have Tricare Prime and seen at MTF. CAN I use an MTF after age 65 if there is one that offers Tricare Plus?

  • If you are enrolled in TRICARE plus and you need to see someone outside the base (maybe the base does not have what you need) are you still covered as if you were on TRICARE for life? The benefit I see in TRICARE plus is you get care at the base and can see your primary doctor, make appointments with your doctor etc, but if you need to go off base you have all the benefits of TRICARE for life.

    If you are on TRICARE for life you can only see a doctor (bar emergencies) on a space available basis and that would be any doctor they have available, not the one you usually saw when you were on Prime.

    I also understand that the base has to have the program (TRICARE plus) in place and that they can discontinue at any time they wish.

    Are my conclusions correct or am I missing something?

  • When I got a new ID at age 65 I was told to go to the MTF Nellis and sign up for Tricare Plus so I can continue using the hospital. Does that mean I don’t have Tricare for Life if I am sent off base or go to a off base hospital in an emergency?I have medicare A and B.

  • I am 65 and have Tricare for life as well as Medicare. Can I also receive Tricare Plus as well. All of this is very new to me.

  • My husband is disabled ,retired veteran US Navy.
    Because he’s retired I don’t get Tricare Prime. I am, his wife , also disabled but don’t have Medicare B anymore because we were told by Tricare ,before Humana took over, that i can cancel Medicare since Im married now and will qualify for the same Tricare prime as my husband. Well when Medicare received my signed cancellation and discounted my part B ( health insurance) so did Tricare Prime.
    We were told without Medicare Part B I won’t receive the same Tricare as my husband. I only maybe get Tricare Plus.
    My questions are would I still receive Tricare prime or another besides Plus, if Humana did not make changes? Is my case one of those changes? Why weren’t we told so in the beginning ? why would I need Tricare if I have Medicare insurance that covers more than Tricare. I had Tricare before they dropped me and they wouldn’t even cover a mammogram. What is direct care? I’m being treated by Specialists every 3 months. Does Tricare Plus provide that and can they refer me to my Doctors I’ve had for over 15 years and are the ones that proofed to Social Security that I’m disabled. Why do Reserves get to keep their families on Tricare Prime even without Medicare part B and disabled Veterans under 65 that served decades don’t ? Now I’m told to “ try” Tricare Plus. They “ may” enroll me if “ the facility feels like it” please see for yourself Tricare Plus . Com
    Iwe have been given runarounds that you wouldn’t believe. It’s quite disappointing to see these organizations so unorganized with poor communication skills and weak knowledge of what’s important in this field ( please hire, we have plenty unemployeds )
    Does anybody, any really anyone know what is going on here?