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Tricare Pharmacy

Tricare Pharmacy

Find out about the TRICARE Pharmacy Program, how you can enrol for it and how much you will have to pay for it.

TRICARE has a Pharmacy Program that allows you to access any and every prescription drug that you may need. It is an affordable, convenient and safe method of obtaining your prescription drugs. You can choose from military pharmacies, home delivery, network pharmacies and non-network pharmacies. In order to get your drugs, you will need a written prescription and a valid ID.

At present, the groups of people who are considered to be eligible for the TRICARE Pharmacy Program include the actively serving members of the military forces and their families, activated members of the National Guard or Reserve and their family members, people who have retired from service or from the National Guard or Reserve and their families, any survivors, spouses or ex-spouses, people who have been awarded the Medal of Honor and their family members, as well as all those people who have the TRICARE Reserve Select health care plan, TRICARE Retired Reserve health care plan, TRICARE Young Adult health care plan or the Continued Health Care Benefit Program.

It is essential for everyone wishing to avail the benefits of the Tricare Pharmacy Program to be registered in DEERS. People who are covered by the TRICARE Young Adult Prime health care plan or the US Family Health Plan will not be allowed to access the privileges of the TRICARE Pharmacy Program.

How much you end up paying depends on what your status is, the nature of the drug that you want, as well as where you are able to obtain the drug from. People who are actively serving in the armed forces can get their prescription drugs without paying at any pharmacy. In case they go to a non-network or network pharmacy, they may have to pay up front but a full reimbursement will be provided. Other beneficiaries can get a supply for 90 days without any co-payment from military pharmacies and the same amount via the home delivery service, although co-payment will be involved in this case. At a network pharmacy, a supply can be obtained for a month and co-payment will also be involved.


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  1. We have mail order prescriptions already set up for my daughter Arianna Lemieux and we just need to get them activated and sent to her new address as she is now a college student. could you please guide us on how to do that so she can get her medications before they run out. We also need to find out who to set up as her new physician as she is in New Hampshire and we have just PCS’d from RAF Lakenheath in England to WPAFB in Ohio but Arianna will only be here a couple times a year. Thank you Captain Jill Lemieux

  2. Where is your guidance for filing a appeal due to denial of home delivery after doing so for a decade.

    Thank you


  4. Hello,
    My name is Kevin Brockway a dependant currently on Tricare Standard. I was prescribed viagra and shortly after having it filled my wife received an email notifying her that that specific prescription must be filled using the tricare pharmacy home delivery service. I already have a few refills of this prescription at my local pharmacy and would like to know how I go about transferring these prescriptions to the home delivery service tricare provides? Please contact me ASAP with the info I need to have the medicine delivered to my home.

    Thank you,
    Kevin Brockway

  5. I need to enroll in the mail order pharmacy. I need the forms to enroll.

  6. I would like to take advantage of tri care home delivery RX I am not sure how to have my existing RX refilled there. I am a retired Army vet with Tri care Standard

  7. How do I sign up for pharmacy and dental with Tricare?

  8. I need a form sent to me so my PCM can fill it out in order to receive my injections of my imatrex via mail. Here at the post we are stationed at the they do not fill them and so I have to now get them via mail.

  9. I had heard today that the medication called Nexium will no longer be available at WPAFB pharmacy as it is available over the counter. Is this true? I also heard that each tablet costs $4.00. I am a Nexium user and will not be paying that price for a medication that I used to get through Tricare at our Base Pharmacy.

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