TRICARE Pharmacy Program

TRICARE offers an exceptional pharmacy program to qualified members serving in the United States Army, Navy or Air Force. The benefits also include TRICARE for Life (TFL)

TRICARE offers an exceptional pharmacy program to qualified members serving in the United States Army, Navy or Air Force. The benefits also include TRICARE for Life (TFL) which provides beneficiaries the option of receiving Medicare Part A and Part B depending upon their disability, final-stage disease related to renal failure, or age factors.

The TRICARE Pharmacy Program provides free prescriptions which can be obtained from a nearby military treatment facility (MTF). In case it is inconvenient to visit the nearest MTF pharmacy, other options can include utilizing the TRICARE network, using mail-order dispensaries, or using non-network facilities which can meet your pharmaceutical requirements and needs.

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Benefits of the TRICARE network:

Individuals can use the pharmacy locator on the TRICARE Pharmacy website to search for the nearest retail network facility.

When you visit the pharmacy, you are required to provide your military identification card along with the prescription written by the doctor. You may need to present your TRICARE card depending on your current residential location.

In-Network Pharmacies

If you are in urgent need of a prescription that needs to be filled but you are unable to visit a military treatment facility pharmacy, you can use other pharmacies which are also known as retail network dispensaries and which are approved by TRICARE.

The TRICARE Home Delivery Pharmacy is an excellent money-saving option which can help patients obtain larger supplies of medicines which are taken on a long-term basis.  Another method is to utilize the retail network pharmacy for new prescriptions which are provided by your medical care facility. The retail network dispensaries provide the facility with information to order up to a 30-day supply of prescription medicines for a minimal copay.

It is necessary all information of the member’s family is updated in Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) in order to qualify for the benefits of TRICARE benefits at a network retail dispensary.

Contact Information

To order prescriptions via mail, call Stateside: 1-877-363-1303, Overseas: 1-866-275-4732. Registration forms can be found online at:

Home Delivery through TRICARE


TRICARE Home Delivery Pharmacy is the most efficient way to get all of your regular prescriptions and medicines for various medical conditions. The TRICARE Home Delivery Pharmacy offers benefits for military-related treatments at a reasonable cost which is beneficial to both the member and the government.

The member just needs to mail the doctor’s written prescription along with payment in order to receive a 90-day (maximum) stock of prescribed medicines. Registration with the TRICARE Home Delivery Pharmacy is a prerequisite which can be completed by filling  out and mailing in the registration form.

The benefits of TRICARE Home Delivery Pharmacy include free supplies of up to 90 days of prescribed generic medicines or $9 for medicines which are non-generic. The recommended payment method for ordering home delivery prescriptions is via credit card.

Contact Information for Claims

In the case that a prescription claim has been denied, you can make an appeal by calling 877-363-1303.


Note: The cost-share is $0 for TRICARE Prime recipients enrolled in any overseas locations and 25% for non-Prime recipients. The beneficiary must make the full payment and then to file a claim for reimbursement if using an overseas pharmacy.

In order to promote the Home Delivery of TRICARE option, copays for medicines purchased through retail pharmacies have increased. This option also is money-saving for beneficiaries.

The member can register online at Express Scripts or by contacting TRICARE in order to use the TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery option.

Information about Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)

Once your registration is complete, you may receive prescribed medicines by first mailing the written prescription from the doctor and payment for the medications.

Ask your doctor if generic drugs can be used instead so you can save additional money on medications.

Tricare Admin


  • I am not sure what caused Tricare Pharmacy (through Express Scripts) to sever their relationship with CVS/Caremark but I am hoping that the two can mend whatever the problem is. The service, the condition of the stores, the demeanour of the staff at CVS stores is drastically superior to that of Walgreens.

  • My wife and I are enrolled in DEERS. We now wish to move our medications to home delivery. The article above Says:

    “Once your registration is complete, you may receive prescribed medicines by first mailing the written prescription from the doctor and payment for the medications.”

    It DOES NOT provide a mailing address.

    Also, the links above DO NOT WORK.

    What is the correct mailing address?

    Also recommend you fix the above links.

  • Recently thru Express Scripts I had a new prescription submitted by my Dr for a biologic med that requires refrigeration. I have been dealing with them for over a year now with this type of meds. They have always called me & schedued a time & day for me to receive as the meds require refrigeration. This time they just sent it and it sat in my driveway a couple days in 90° heat. I have called and spoken with 3 supervisors who have reviewed phone calls I had made to them. I never coordinated a time because I was out of town. They say because it was sent “to the correct” address I should have been looking for it. This is a case of fraud waste and abuse to me. Where do I file my grievances with all of my dates, times, & documentation?

    • Hi Victoria, you may want to contact your TRICARE Regional Office about your issue:

      North: 1-866-307-9749
      South: 1-800-554-2397
      West: 1-800-558-1746

  • After many years, we were forced to change from CVS to Walgreens – we have multiple insurances – the service at Walgreens is terrible – they don’t seem to know what is going on. They get our insurance wrong – we are most unhappy. We hope that CVS will once again be the Tricare preferred provider. Please go back to CVS. Walgreens is totally incompetent!

  • Recently, my husband’s doctor ordered the wrong medicine (the doctor is new!). He cancelled the incorrect prescription and entered the correct medicine the same day. Fast forward to one week later and guess what we received? The wrong medicine – and for an entire year! But we also received the correct medicine (it’s the same drug – just 2 different forms). We’ve been trying to research incorrect medicine dispensed and why we received an entire year’s prescription (and the associated bill) but have been unable to find resolution. This seems like a clear example of fraud, waste and abuse for dispensing a poorly received drug that won’t be dispensed otherwise. Ultimately, we had to pay the ransom if we wanted any of our other prescriptions refilled.
    Is there a policy on incorrectly dispensed drugs that were cancelled? We had to throw away the $1,000 worth of pills because we had no use for them and it seems unfair that we and Tricare have to pay for a drug that no one can or will use.

  • Has there been a change in my pharmacy program. Express-Scripts has started billing me a deductible for my scripts. The co-pay ranges from $7.00 to $24.00 per script. My understanding was that there was no co-pay and the program was for life. Please advise. Phone is: 701-282-3432

  • I was wondering what to do with my home delivery program from Express Scripts. The last two times I have ordered Potassium chloride they have been out of stock. They told me to get it filled at a local pharmacy. That is easy for them to say because they do not have to pay the extra co-pay. How can a large pharmacy like Express Scripts be out of stock on something like Potassium.If this had once I would be emailing you. This is the second time this has happened.

  • I am retired and 93 years of age my wife died last year and I am alone and living in the 20th century and not accomplished in the use of the internet. From some unknown reason I have not been able to go online. I am no longer recognized. It appears to me that causation was caused by Att accounts must know go through Yahoo to be accessed. I don’t know this to be the cause. I have the same ID and Password for the past number of years. This is has not changed. Can you kindly use my ID and Password so I can be readmitted to my account.

    I have attempted on numerous occasions tried to reestablish my contact with tri care for life so I can access my medication account. I have thus far been unsuccessful. Please help. a few clicks would reintroduce me to my medical prescriptions. For that I thank you.

  • Tried to respond to email about refill. Message said password and my member I’d did not match.. I know it was correct, typed it in several times, then got locked out, was told to change password, have been trying to several times but no good. Where can I go to change password . Need to get refill, have sorry doctor office. She always forgets to email my scrips in.

  • For the past 2 years with Express Scripts we have not gotten our prescriptions on time or over a month late. We have called Express Scripts numerous times to no satisfaction. My husband has heart problems and I have extreme muscle spasms and most of the time we don’t get our needed medicines. We have talked to the Supervisors and get nothing but excuses!!! The DOD can do better then Express Scripts!!!! Are they waiting for us to die??? They evidently don’t care about their clients. It would be cheaper and safer for us to drive 600 miles to a military base to get our prescriptions!!!

  • Have been trying to log into my Express Scripts account. Haven’t logged in to it quite awhile, hence I seem to have forgotten which password I used. When I ask for assistance to log in, it refers me to the TRICARE network. You don,t seem to have any contact numbers for me to call’ so this is my only recourse.
    I want help getting into my EXPRESS SCRIPTS account so that I can check on my prescription needs.

  • I am having a problem with Express Scripts. I ordered a prescription from them in March and paid my $7.00 copay using Paypal. Express Scripts did not credit my account even though Paypal says that they paid Express Scripts. I had an Express Scripts customer rep supervisor named Cisco call Paypal with me on the line. Paypal verified that they had paid Express Scripts, but Express Scripts refuses to credit my account. I have my statement from Paypal showing that Express Scripts was paid, but Express Scripts says that is not good enough. Express Scripts wants the funding document from Paypal to Express Scripts but Paypal says they won’t give it to me since it is a confidential transaction between Paypal and Express Scripts. I have now been suspended from Express Scripts for nonpayment. HELP please.

  • I have been locked out of my express scripts account and I need to refill my meds. Who do I call to get this taken care of?? My username and password, which I have used for a long time, was not excepted. invalled !!

  • I love how once you retire medical costs go up and the coverages go down. Guess that’s one way to get the money we earned for serving so long back.