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TRICARE Overseas Prime

When a family stays overseas, they can enroll in TRICARE Prime that is suitable for people residing overseas. This enrollment is not automatic for family members. However, you have to enroll them. The members who are active on duty do not pay enrollment fees, deductibles, or office visit fees.

The members who are signed up for TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Prime Overseas applies to them automatically. Military retirees and their families who leave overseas locations are eligible to use TRICARE standards and not TRICARE Prime.

TRICARE Prime Overseas members have access to networks of local civilian and military medical facilities. The primary care manager that is assigned to you should be able to send you to the required specialists that can  meet your health care needs. If the care that a person is seeking services and they are not available, one can have their deductibles waived and get the services elsewhere. Authorization should be granted by the regional military service center, or else one may be penalized.


Information for TRICARE Prime Overseas can be found on the following website:

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