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TRICARE Insurance

Supplemental Health Insurance

TRICARE Standard and Extra has substantial deductibles for the cost of copays. Insurance firms have policies with TRICARE to offer these benefits to servicemembers and these insurance companies reimburse your medical care bills, deductibles, and copayments once TRICARE has paid its government share.

Take Advantage

Every TRICARE supplemental policy has its own rules and conditions on preexisting issues, but eligibility requirements are crucial in this type of health care too. There are some preexisting issues for family members, deductibles, long-term illnesses, mental health limitations, allowable charges disabilities, and well-baby care.

Follow the link to see the TRICARE supplemental plans and additional information on these plans.


  1. what is the premiums for tricare? I am in tricare but cannot figure out how the premiums are paid?

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