TRICARE Dental care is offered to service members who are active on duty through a military dentist. Service members, retirees, Reserve members

TRICARE Dental Program

TRICARE Dental care is offered to service members who are active on duty through a military dentist. Service members, retirees, Reserve members, and members of the National Guard and their families are eligible to access this program.

TRICARE Dental Advantages

TRICARE has a new type of dental coverage that currently covers dental anesthesia and associated costs for beneficiaries with physical, mental and developmental disabilities. This coverage plan also includes all children who are 5 years old and younger.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company began administering the TRICARE Dental Programs in 2012 for active duty members, guard members, reserve and members of their families. The only program it did not offer at that time was the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program.

The following benefits are offered by MetLife:

  • Annual orthodontic services up to a maximum of $1,750
  • Annual maximum coverage up to $1,300
  • An additional injury/accident coverage of a maximum of up to $1,200
  • Coverage of posterior resin (white) fillings
  • Some diabetes-related periodontal cares are not cost-shared
  • Dental cleaning services for pregnant women
  • Eligibility to family members, a spouse, and children (including those who are married as long as they financially depend on the service member over 50 percent).
  • Eligibility is extended to children who are 23 years if they are still enrolled full-time as students in institutions of higher education and it also includes children who are disabled, under the age 21, and are still students.
  • TRICARE Dental does not cover the following people in the family: parents, former spouses, foreign personnel, in-laws, and disabled veterans.

For more information on TRICARE’s dental services, please visit: TRICARE Dental Program

Tricare Admin


  • My husband just died and I am his surviving spouse. My recent visit to the dentist and the preventive exam and x-rays were not covered on my dental plan. Can you please help me understand what I need to do to rectify this issue.

  • Why is it that the dental claims made by my dentist Dr. Aida M. Rios Roldan are not being honored by your organization? Dr. Rios Roldan has done some dental work both on myself as well as for my wife Maria S. Diaz and even thou she has made the corresponding claims thru proper channels, those claims have been ignored by you. I would like to know if there is a valid reason for your denial for payments on her legal and proper claims on dental work done on both myself and my wife Maria S. Diaz.

  • I would like to find the form, that allowed me to take information over the phone or any other info. Tricare calls about. I am the wife of a VA VET

  • I am a 100% Disabled Veteran with MS and pretty serious Cognitive issues. I just got your notice TODAY 03JAN2018 and now am under the gun to get this all straightened out. I am having troubler comprehending this MASS of change. Where in Columbia SC can I go to talk to a real person so I get this right the first time!?

  • Recently read on army echoes that military beneficiaries could apply for dental insurance how would that cover me I am a widow of an army retiree who at the time of his death was 100 per cent disabled

  • Tricare is acting like a for profit corporation. Not a supportive health care provider. Just look the retiree dental program ends December 2018. Older covered vets don’t count anymore to them. It’s all about cutting cost. The bottom line. Thank your congress. It’s there policy.