TRICARE Costs and Fees OCTOBER 2020

Below is an overview of most costs and fees for TRICARE programs. For a more detailed view of TRICARE costs and fees, visit or see this PDF. To learn more about each TRICARE program option, visit

TRICARE beneficiaries fall into one of two groups: Group A or Group B 

•You’re in Group A if your initial enlistment or appointment or that of your uniformed services sponsor began before Jan. 1, 2019.

•You’re in Group B if your initial enlistment or appointment or that of your uniformed services sponsor began on or after Jan. 1, 2019.


Includes TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Prime Remote, the US Family Health Plan (USFHP), and TYA Prime plans. Annual Enrollment Fees (TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Prime Remote, and USFHP only) No yearly enrollment fee for active duty service members (ADSMs), active duty family members (ADFMs), and transitional survivors (surviving spouses during the first three years and surviving dependent children) worldwide. 

For retirees, their families, and most others*: 

•Group A: $297 per individual/$594 per family 

•Group B: $360 per individual/$720 per family.

Annual Deductible 

There is no annual deductible.


Includes TRICARE Select, TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) Select, TRS, TRR, TYA Select, and CHCBP plans. Annual Enrollment Fees (TRICARE Select and TOP Select only) No yearly enrollment fee for ADFMs. 

For retirees, their families, and others: 

• Group A: No yearly enrollment fee 

• Group B: $462 per individual/$924 per family 

Annual Deductible 

You must meet a deductible before TRICARE cost-sharing begins. Refer to the chart below:

PHARMACY COSTS (FEB. 1, 2020–DEC. 31, 2020) 

ADSMs have no prescription drug costs when using a military pharmacy, TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery, or a TRICARE retail network pharmacy for covered drugs. The costs for all others are shown below. At TRICARE retail network and non-network pharmacies, you may get up to a 30-day supply of your covered prescription. With all other pharmacy options, you may get up to a 90-day supply. Your options for filling your prescription depend on the type of drug your provider prescribes. Some drugs are only covered through TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery. Overseas, some limitations may apply. To learn more, visit or call Express Scripts, Inc., which administers the TRICARE pharmacy benefit at 1-877-363-1303. Pharmacy.

TRICARE Pharmacy Program

 Express Scripts, Inc. 1-877-363-1303

 1-877-540-6261 (TDD/TTY)

TRICARE Dental Program

United Concordia Companies, Inc. 

1-844-653-4061 (CONUS) 

1-844-653-4060 or 





TRICARE Retired Reserve

TRICARE Reserve Select

Tricare Admin

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  • i am a retired navy veteran. I work at the Thomas Creek VA Hospital in Amarillo, Texas. With Nov. 12 being the beginning of the open enrollment period for benefits. I have asked the advisers at the VA for information about Tricare. I need to be able to talk to someone about whether my wife can sign up for Tricare or not. She is a retired teacher. I do not have any disabilities. Can I get get a phone number to be able to talk to someone about whether we can sign her up or not. I was told that Amarillo fell into the the Tricare west or Tricare Central division. My phone number is 806-654-5853.