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The Plans

The Health Plans

TRICARE offers comprehensive, affordable health coverage with several health plans, a robust pharmacy benefit, dental options and other special programs. Plan availability depends on who you are and where you live.

TRICARE is available worldwide and managed in four separate regions. TRICARE contractor partners help deliver the TRICARE benefit around the world.

Health Plans
TRICARE offers several different health plans. All plans meet or exceed the requirements for minimum essential coverage that meets the Affordable Care Act requirement. If you don’t have coverage, you may have to pay a fee for each month you aren’t covered under the Affordable Care Act.

Plan availability depends on who you are and where you live.

TRICARE Prime Remote
TRICARE Prime Overseas
TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas
TRICARE Standard and Extra
TRICARE Standard Overseas
TRICARE Reserve Select
TRICARE Retired Reserve
TRICARE Young Adult
US Family Health Plan

Here is a breakdown of each TRICARE plan that can help you choose which one is best suited for you. Whether you want to opt for TRICARE Extra, TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Standard, you can decide after going through these plans.


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  1. I am in the Air Force reserves wanting to enroll in tricare

  2. charles truscott

    Don’t know where else to inquire, Need advice on what coverage for eye problems falls within Tricare for Life.
    Had laser treatment on one eye and received two charges, $50.00 each, in which the doctors office was unable to explain other then Tricare does not cover eye situations.

    Could you point me in the right direction to get Tricare’s stance on eye coverage. I am a retired AF vetern.

    Thank you

  3. My husband just retired last month. We have Tricare Standard. Our youngest son is a college student and will be 23 in May 2017. Can we continue to carry him on our insurance with Tricare until age 26?

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