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The Benefits to the Military Family

The Department of Defense is quite specific when it comes to designating benefits to eligible family members. The Armed Forces considers a dependent parent or parent-in-law, an unmarried child younger than 21 years old, a widow, widower or spouse as family members. Stepchildren and adopted children are also considered as family members who can receive benefits. Illegitimate children aren’t counted as family members under certain conditions.

A child who is a full-time student and older than 21 but younger than 23 is also considered a family member who can receive coverage. Further information on this can be found by accessing information about TRICARE Young Adult Coverage. Family member benefits may also be available by a former spouse who doesn’t have any private medical insurance and who hasn’t remarried.

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  1. Would a widow of a 100% disabled vet from Agent Orange be eligible for Tricare for Life. He was not a career service member. She is drawing VA widow’s benefits. I don’t have all the details to relay to you. From what I’m gathering so far, I have my doubts. She is on Medicare A&B.

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