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Special Provisions Offered to Guard and Reserve Members who are on Active Duty

A family becomes eligible for TRICARE Prime and TRICARE Standard the day Guard and Reserve service members have served for more than 30 days of active duty. The family members of the servicemember can take advantage of medical facilities at military treatment centers, provided there is enough space availability under the TRICARE Standard program. TRICARE Standard cost-shares must be paid if services are provided by civilian doctors. The fee is even less when services are used that are offered by TRICARE network doctors.

Certain procedures need to be followed to make the entire process easier. It is vital to ensure that the information made available on the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) database is correct. All family members ages 10 years and older must have a valid military identification card. It is best to keep the records updated at all times if there are any changes for any family members or service member sponsors.

The claims processor must be sent an Authorization to Disclose Information form if the service member allows a spouse to be able to place an inquiry about any claims or status of any TRICARE information. The spouse has to be provided with the copy of the documentation in order to do so. TRICARE benefits can be kept for 180 days after release from active duty if the member is on active contingency operation. This can be done until civilian health care insurance comes into effect. There are a wide variety of benefits made available with TRICARE for Guard and Reserve members.

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