Services by TRICARE Standard

Learn more about Services by TRICARE Standard : The services under this coverage does not restrict you when you are selecting a health care provider.

TRICARE Standard has the best and greatest flexibility when choosing a doctor. The services by TRICARE Standard does not restrict you when you are selecting a health care provider. You are able to see any doctor you choose to see, either military or civilian. The doctor should be authorized under the TRICARE Standards requirements.

A certain amount of money is paid for this service. Note that TRICARE Standard is costlier than the other TRICARE coverage programs.

TRICARE Standard pays up to 80% of health care charges but when the charges go above the percentage, the person becomes responsible for remaining accrued charges. For those who have retired or are family members of military retirees and they are under the age of 65, TRICARE Standard covers 75% of the cost only. If medical providers charge more than what TRICARE Standard have put in place, the additional amount has to be paid out-of-pocket by the person. An annual amount of $300 is deducted, depending on the military member’s status.


TRICARE normally approves online services as much as possible. When calling the phonelines, at times they are very busy so it is advisable to call during off-peak hours. If possible, visiting the offices is better than calling when in need of assistance.

A member is enrolled in DEERS and eligible for TRICARE automatically when they are on active duty, along with their family members, as well as military retirees. It’s not an obligation for a person to use TRICARE Standard. TRICARE pays your claims if they have been deducting the costs from you and claims are filed by you in the case that there’s no care manager to assist you in filing.

TRICARE is the most convenient when it comes to providing coverage for those who need health care from providers.  TRICARE also offers exemplary services. One can be able to obtain treatment at any military facility, even if you are away from your home. Some military associations are offering supplemental health insurance to help accompany TRICARE Standard coverage.


When the health care provider has agreed that you use TRICARE Standards, the only amount you are supposed to pay is the money up to your co-payment. If the treatment is not paid by TRICARE, the ones who offered the services cannot claim the payments from you.



  • Can use any TRICARE programs available
  • Widely available
  • Broad choice of health providers
  • There’s no enrollment fee charged


  • No Primary Care Manager
  • Deductible and co-payments have to be paid
  • Up to 15% extra is charged by non-participating providers, and balances exceeding the allowable charge have to be paid
  • A statement from a military hospital is needed, and it should state that it cannot provide care if inpatient treatment is received in areas that surround the military treatment facilities
  • You are responsible to file your own claims most of the time

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