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Management Change in TRICARE Western Region

Since April 1, 2013 United Health Care Military and Veterans is the new contractor for the TRICARE West region, though TRICARE benefits are still the same after this change. However, TRICARE benefits can also change as a result of change in Congressional laws or TRICARE policies.

The West region is comprised of the states of Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming, Oregon, Colorado, California, Iowa (excluding the Rock Island Arsenal region), Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Hawaii, Kansas, Utah, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, New Mexico, Nebraska, Montana, and western Texas, and Missouri (excluding the St. Louis region).

According to management authority of TRICARE and TRICARE for Life, dental and pharmacy benefits have not changed.

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  1. Msgt Dale A Ingersoll

    I am a retired military on Tricare standard and will be turning 65 in May,. Will I be notified when I should apply for Medicare, and what plan do I need?

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