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Information about TRICARE Young Adult

TYA Monthly Premiums

TRICARE Young Adult (TYA) is a premium-based program for which is subject to premium payments to be paid by the qualified dependents. The premium rates for TRICARE Young Adult programs are fixed yearly based on the calendar year. The current monthly premium for the TYA Prime program is $208 and for the TYA Standard coverage program is $181. These premiums are subject to change each year.

The TRICARE Young Adult plan can be bought any time throughout the yer. The application form for TRICARE Young Adult can be downloaded and completed as per appropriate location and can be faxed or mailed along with payment for the premium for the first three months to the regional contractor. To obtain enrollment forms, up-to-date premium fees,  and any other information, please visit the website of TRICARE Young Adult.

Contact Your TRICARE Regional Office

Regional Contractor Websites and Contact Phone Numbers

TRICARE North Region

Phone: 1-877-TRICARE (ext. 2273)

TRICARE West Region

Phone: 1-877-988-WEST (ext. 9378)

TRICARE South Region

Phone: 1-800-444-5445

TRICARE Overseas

Phone: +44-20-8762-8384 (international)  or 1-877-678-1207 (from the states)

After the application is processed by the case manager based on the region, a letter of welcome and an enrollment card will be mailed to the beneficiary.

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