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Important Information about TRICARE Plan Retired Reserve

Retired Reserve

TRICARE Retired Reserve is a health plan which is based on a premium. This plan is solely for retired Reserve officers, their family members, and their survivors.

On purchasing the plan, the payment for the premium of the following month’s coverage will be due by the last day of the current month. The coverage is terminated if the premium is not paid on the due date. If the coverage is terminated, a purchase lockout for a period of 12-months for the plan purchaser.

Who can be Eligible Beneficiaries?

  • Members of Retired Reserve who are:

 a. Members of a Reserve component who are eligible for retirement not under regular conditions as in 10 U.S.Code, Chapter 1223 (retired pay for non-regular service)

          b. Under the age  of 60.

  • Family members of eligible Reserve members who have retired
  • Retired Reserve members survivors if:

  a. On the time of the sponsor’s death, he or she was covered by the TRICARE Retired Reserve plan

  b. The survivors are close relatives of the deceased sponsor (spouses should not have been remarried).

The coverage for TRICARE Retired Reserve shall initiate before the date that the deceased sponsor would have reached 60 years old.

Note: A cap of $3,000 is applied yearly for catastrophic coverage.

* Delta Dental pays a percentage dependent on the basis of the permitted amount for each procedure. This chart shows anticipated coverage totals when the treatment is received from a dentist in the network. The total extra expenditure will be more if treatment is received from a provider who is out-of-network.


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