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Learn more about Enrollment in VA Health Care – On the basis of the specific eligibility of your status after verification,

When you sign up to enroll with the Veterans Health Administration, the eligibility of your health care status needs to be verified. On the basis of the specific eligibility of your status after verification, you’ll be assigned to a priority group. Currently, the groups range in priority from number 1 to number 8. The highest precedence for assistance is Group 1. However, the same care are attainable to all veterans who have done enrollment in VA Health care.

One may also try to obtain care through the Veterans Health Administration by completing an application regarding health benefits. This application form might be obtained by calling, visiting or writing any Veterans Administration health care facility or veterans benefits office. Additional health care information in regards to the VA and an application form is available on the official VA Health website. A significant feature of enrollment tries to choose the proposed VA care facility where people can find out a way to receive primary health care.

Contact Information:

You can find out Veterans Health Administration Facility contact information and locations at

What is meant by ‘Service-Connected’?

The phrase ‘service-connected’ refers to the determined condition by the VA or the disability that was aggravated or incurred by military service. Any injury or unexpected medical condition that happens while a person is on active duty is regarded as ‘service-connected’ until a person demonstrates an intentional unawareness for safety or when a person becomes injured during committing any crime.

Why VA Health Care Matters:

Former (POW) Prisoners of War, Purple Heart and Medal of Honor award recipients, and the people who rendered service in the Persian Gulf or the Republic of Vietnam may be provided with an enhanced eligibility opportunity while applying for VA as well as enrolling the health care system provided by VA.

Take Advange

While completing the enrollment form for entry into the VA system, never try to fill out the sections you don’t understand. VA Service Officers along with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and Disabled American Veterans (DAV) will offer free assistance for completing the forms as well as explaining the VA benefits.

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