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The eligibility to enroll in the Uniformed Services Family Health Plan (USFHP) depends upon the location of the member. The benefits of USFHP are available to all eligible people

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The eligibility to enroll in the Uniformed Services Family Health Plan (USFHP) depends upon the location of the member. The benefits of USFHP are available to all eligible people who reside near specified civilian medical facilities which are found throughout the United States. These medical facilities are referred to as designated providers (DPs). TRICARE Prime facilities and expense shares are offered through the USFHP at the designated provider facilities for qualified enrolled veterans who are eligible for Medicare. These are also available at a lesser costs in comparison to TRICARE for Life coverage.


There are six main Uniformed Services Family Health Plan clinics and hospitals in the United States.  Some have collaborating branches. The locations of these facilities are:

Brighton Marine Health Center

(Collaborates with St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center)

 77 Warren St. Brighton, MA 02139

Contact Number: 800-818-8589


(Available for those located in Massachusetts and Rhode Island)


(All locations are in Texas: CHRISTUS St. Joseph Hospital, is located in downtown Houston; CHRISTUS St. Catherine’s Hospital is also in Houston; CHRISTUS St. John Hospital is located in Nassau Bay; and CHRISTUS St. Mary Hospital, is located in Port Arthur))

P.O. Box 924708

Houston, TX 77292-4708

Contact Number : 800-678-7347

website :

(Covering southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana)

Johns Hopkins Medical Services Corporation

 6704 Curtis Court

 Glen Burnie, MD 21060

Contact Number : 800-808-7347


Martin’s Point Health Care

P.O. Box 9746

Portland, ME 04104-5040

Contact Number : 888-241-4556

website :

Pacific Medical Clinics

1200 12th Ave. South

Seattle, WA 98144

Contact Number : 888-958-7347

website :

Saint Vincent Catholic  Medical Centers for New York

450 West 33rd St.

New York, NY 10001

Contact Number : 800-241-4848

website :

USFHP is not available for everyone and it is also not the cheapest option.  This plan is only an option for those who choose the accessibility granted by a point of service.

The benefits of USFHP’s TRICARE excludes the point of service option, in which the enrollees of TRICARE Prime have access to nonemergency care externally from their network of TRICARE Prime without the authorization from a primary care manager. However, individuals are required to pay increased cost expenses and adjust the total expenses for the benefits. The direct provider is liable to pay for the expenses shared by the government for care of an enrollee who is under the USFHP except if the enrollee is travelling.

USFHP enrollees are required to reside within specified ZIP codes neighboring the nearest authorized hospitals. During the enrollment primaries, the beneficiaries cannot seek health benefits or care at any military clinics or hospitals or under TRICARE at any other medical facilities for veterans. Members who are eligible for Medicare should also agree to not use their Medicare benefits for the services provided under TRICARE Prime coverage.

Enrollment for this program is completely based on availability of space. Also, eligible enrollees are required to reside in a specified service region. If your residential location changes or your eligibility status changes,  you should opt for a one-year plan agreement.

Enrollment fees are not applicable to family members of active military service men and women. These specific enrollment forms can be obtained at any of the authorized clinics and hospitals. Similar to the TRICARE Prime program, the Uniformed Services Family Health Plan retired military officers are required to pay a yearly enrollment fee of $269.28 for a single person or $538.56 for a family plan. There is an exception to the enrollment fees for people who are eligible for Medicare Part A and are enrolled in TRICARE for Life and Medicare Part B.

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