Enroll or Purchase a Plan

Enroll or Purchase a Plan

Are you eligible for TRICARE health care plans and have chosen the one you wish to sign up for? Find out here how you can go about this procedure for TRICARE Enroll or Purchase a Plan

At present, TRICARE offers various health care plans. Once you have determined which plan you are eligible for, you can then go on to choose a plan of your choice, keeping in mind factors such as how much that is going to cost, what benefits are included, how widespread the availability of services is and more. After you have decided on a plan, you must enroll or purchase it.

For Tricare Prime, you will start by selecting your own primary care manager. You can choose a network provider or a military provider, or you can ask TRICARE to choose one. Then you need to fill out the enrollment application, which involves registering all the family members and paying any enrollment fees. Once this has been processed, you can download the enrollment card and may access health care services.

For the US Family Health Plan, you can enroll on the website online. You can place a phone call to the US Family Health Plan and enroll directly as well (the contact numbers have been provided on the TRICARE website). You can also download your form from the TRICARE website and post it to the address that is mentioned on its third page.

For the TRICARE Reserve Select health care plan, you will first have to access the online application and check if you qualify or not. You need to qualify in order to fill out the form. You then have the option of buying the health care plan at any point during the year.

For enrolling in the premium-based TRICARE Young Adult health care plan, you can either visit the website or complete the process online or you can place a call to the regional contractor and enroll. You may also download the application and send it via mail or fax. All relevant website links, contact numbers and addresses have been made available on the TRICARE website.

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