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Dental Program

Active Duty Dental Program (ADDP)

The Active Duty Dental Program is a program which focuses on dental care only for members of the military. Dental care is provided to service members who are in duty stations and residences which are more than 50 miles away from a military dental facility. ADDP is a program that is also provided to The National Guard members and Reservists who have been active for more than 30 days and reside over 50 miles away from a military dental facility.

This program allows for dental related prescriptions to be filled  for free through  your treatment facility.

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  1. how do I gat a copy of my insurance card

  2. Patricia D. Sandstrom

    How can I get a human to speak to about how much the Delta Dental program cost through Tricare.
    I am retired Air Force and need dental care. Please give me a phone number that is not millions of recordings.

  3. I have Delta Dental single rate and would like to get the family rate. How much is that? Lynn

  4. I have DeltaDental and just switched to GEHA Dental on the My BENEFEDS web page. Does that automatically cancel the DeltaDental Plan that I have?

  5. I need the telephone number for the Retiree Dental Program Assistance

  6. Alton Robinson

    My son will be switching from TRICARE PRIME TO TRICARE PRIME for Young Adults in Aug 2018. His TRICARE Dental ends on Dec 3, 2018. He will not be eligible for FEDVIP Dental Plan. What option sar eavailable to him to continue to get dental coverage. Haven;t seen any guidelines or recommendations from TRICARE in this subject.

  7. Charles Cummins

    I have delta dental with my Tricare for life. Is this what is going away in dec 2018?

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