Dental Benefits

TRICARE Dental offers non-orthodontic dental services up to a maximum annual total amount of $1,300 per year. This is available for all activated members

Dental Benefits for Military Members and their Families

TRICARE Dental offers non-orthodontic dental services up to a maximum annual total amount of $1,300 per year.  This is available for all activated members of the military including the National Guard, Reserve and members of their families.  Some preventive and diagnostic dental services will not be applied toward the annual maximum. An amount of $1,750 is paid once per lifetime by a member for orthodontic treatment, and any of the diagnostic services are applied toward the general annual maximum amount.

The following is a summary explaining  these dental benefits:

When a Guard or a Reserve member is called up to active duty for a period of more than 30 days, they automatically become eligible free dental care at military facilities under TRICARE Prime coverage. Upon enrolling, a directory is issued that lists participating dentists. Network dentists will save a lot of money and time when using them, but it is up to the individual who the licensed dentist of their choice is to utilize for dental care.

If a person lives in a rural or remote area and a dental facility within the network is not available, individuals are advised to visit any dentist that is available. There is an authorization that you must to fill out in order to receive the services through TRICARE.

TRICARE Dental Plans


This plan covers only one eligible member for dental care. The member can be either a National Guard member, a member of Reserve or any member of their families. The military member who is sponsoring the enrollment in the dental care plan is treated separate from another family member’s single plan enrollment.


This plan is made available for family members to help assist with dental care. TRICARE’s family plan for dentistry covers two or more members of the families of Guardsmen, members of the Reserves or active-duty military members.

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