Costs of Tricare Pharmacy

Costs of Tricare Pharmacy

Find out how much it is going to Costs of TRICARE Pharmacy to get your prescription filled from TRICARE based on the military status of your sponsor, the type of drug you need and where you get your prescription filled from.

Under the TRICARE Pharmacy plan, prescription Costs of TRICARE Pharmacy depend upon three factors:

  1. Military status of sponsors
  2. Location where prescription medications are refilled
  3. Type of drug needed

Costs of TRICARE Pharmacy Overview

Active Duty Service members can get their prescription filled from any pharmacy with no charges.  However, there may be instances when some costs might have to be paid directly when buying from certain network and non-network service providers. Express Scripts is the official partner of TRICARE pharmacy, if and when any expenses were born personally, filing a claim with the latter will help in getting complete reimbursement. Moreover, in order to get non-formulary drugs for free, the medical advisor needs to establish proof of necessity.

Other beneficiaries of TRICARE pharmacy include Guard/Reserve and Retired members and their dependents. For them, TRICARE pharmacy is also essentially free, but charges may still apply, depending on the method and location of prescription filing. The type of drug is also taken into account. When getting medications directly from Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) there are no charges for generic drugs and brand name drugs, even after the initial period of 90 days. Further, no co-payment is needed while purchasing and refiling from the Medical Treatment Facilities.

When using the home delivery service method, generic, branded and most other prescription drugs are free of cost. After a period of 90 days, generic drugs are still cost-free while, brand name drugs require a co-payment of $16. Non-formulary drugs, which require proof of medical necessity, will cost up to $46.

When using the services of a network pharmacy, it is relatively more expensive. You get an initial 30 day period of free prescription drugs. Generic and non-formulary drugs are costly no matter what. Even in the thirty day period, generic formulary drugs cost you up to $8 and branded formulary drugs will cost you $20.

Under the coverage of TRICARE Prime and TPRADFM, Point of Service fees apply; 50% cost share is required after the Point of Service deductible amount is covered. While on TRICARE Standard and TRICARE Extra; $17 or 20 % of the total cost is required to be paid after the annual deductible amount is met.

Tricare Admin


  • I recently had a prescription for 1 Albuterol Inhaler filled at network pharmacy (Costco) and I had to pay
    a $50.00 copay. I found out later that Albuterol Inhaler is a formulary item at the Tripler Army Medical Center Pharnacy, but I had already paid for it. That seemed like an extremely high cost. Was that a legimate charge or did I overpay. Your assistance in this matter is appreciated.

  • Trying out Express scripts/Tricare online refills, I ordered 3 medications on auto refill. One, Simvastatin, came with a document that said I owed a $7 payment after Tricare paid $374.69 for a 90day supply. What a ripoff.
    Anyway, I was not notified until after receiving the pills that there was a charge. The charge was introduced on Feb. 1, 2018 and I was not notified even though they all had my cell number and my email address.

    I called express scripts and cancelled the account and will continue getting any meds from the Pharmacy on NAS Jacksonville as I’m there several times a week. Told them you don’t sneak in a charge, no matter how small, to a person who made an order which had NO charges shown. I know because one other med I had did show a Fee and I chose not to order it, but to pick it up at the pharmacy. If Tricare is going to tack on a fee, you should first notify the recipient about it.