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Costs of Tricare Prime

Costs of Tricare Prime

The costs of TRICARE Prime varies depending on whether you are an active duty service member, a family member of such an individual or whether you fall in another category of beneficiaries. This page provides information for each category.

Plan Costs

Cost of TRICARE Prime

TRICARE Prime is one of the health insurance plans available for usage by Active duty service members and their families. The plan costs are extremely viable and affordable. Military sponsors have to pay no fees for services utilized and the only payments that are incurred come in the form of annual deductibles. Furthermore, Tricare Prime incurs lesser and fewer direct out of pocket payments as compared to other TRICARE plans such as TRICARE Standard and Extra.

There are four kinds of TRICARE Prime plans offered:

  • TRICARE Prime
  • TRICARE Prime Remote (servicemen and women stationed on remote assignments)
  • TRICARE Prime Overseas (servicemen and women stationed outside of the United States)
  • TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas (servicemen and women stationed on remote assignments outside of the United States)

Active Duty Service Members

For service men and women, who are on active duty and stationed on assignment, it is mandatory to enroll in one of the four plans that are offered. As TRICARE strives to facilitate beneficiaries, TRICARE Prime offers a highly cost effective and easy health insurance plan. The costs incurred are minimal at best. For uniformed service men and women on active duty, there are no direct payments to be made to doctors for services and consultations, and there are zero charges and costs for enrolling in the plan. Furthermore, as TRICARE Prime requires beneficiaries to seek care from the network services providers, there are no co-payments required to be made, and so any and all services can be utilized without any charges.

Active Duty Family Members

Dependents of active duty military sponsors include family members. If you enroll in one of the Prime plans, there are minimal costs to be incurred including very few instances of out of pocket payments. This is not always mandatory. In addition, no enrollment fees are required to acquire and utilize TRICARE benefits; no co-payments have to be made for any kind of medical care. However, if the point of service plan is being utilized, point of service fees will be charged since it only covers limited costs for procedures that are not medical emergencies.

Costs for Other Beneficiaries

Other beneficiaries can enroll in TRICARE Prime. Cost of TRICARE Prime charged will be spread over yearly enrollment fees, network co-payments and point of service charges if and when this particular option is used.

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  1. I am newly married to my husband who is in the Navy, I’m trying to pick an insurance plan and would like a phone number so I can speak to someone about benefits. I need to pick a plan within the next two weeks, my husband is stationed ion Washington State, I currently live in NJ and will be staying here for the time being because he is out to see often. Can someone get back to me with a phone number so I can speak to someone about signing up for medical this web site is not very helpful, more confusing then anything else. Please help me someone!!!!
    Thank You
    Morgan L.

  2. Karen Sandoval Villatoro

    Hi I just have a question, I can’t find my military ID card is there a way to cancel or report it online so nobody can use it?
    Thank you

  3. We are a retired military reserve family, husband on medicare and tricare for life, I am tricare prime. We are making a permanent move. Before talking to my PCM I am just trying to LOOK into who takes Tricare in the are we are moving to. This website is very confusing, bumping me from subtitile to subtitle. It’s a pretty simple question I have. Just want to see names of who takes Tricare PRIME in area 19939 which is in Delaware, Sussex County.


  5. The page heading says “Costs Of TriCare Prime”, yet there is not one dollar sign on the entire page. It makes you look like a slimy used car salesman who is going to hit me with a huge surprise….. My physical therapist thinks my co-pays will triple… Of course it does not say a thing here….

  6. I obtained a Tricare referral for a problem I was having with my feet. I was referred to a foot institute in Aiken, SC and was told that I needed orthotics in my shoes. The orthotics cost $400.00 and I was told Tricare does not cover the cost! This is ridiculous. You approved the visit but not the treatment???? We are retired and this is a huge cost to us. I was told that you would pay for a $1,000 brace but not $400 orthotics. Can I file a claim for reimbursement??

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