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Costs of Tricare Standard

Costs of Tricare Standard

Costs of TRICARE Standard is one of the least expensive TRICARE health care plans – there are no monthly premiums and no fees. This web page contains information on the very little costs that are involved, such as co-payments.

The TRICARE Standard option is the least expensive plan of all the plans offered under TRICARE. The standard plan does not charge any monthly premium payments nor does it require any kind of fees to register in the plan in the first place. However, there is a yearly amount which is subtracted (the amount you need to pay personally and out-of-pocket before coverage can begin).

In addition, there is also cost sharing or co-payments; it is the amount that must be paid to the medical care provider for any kind of services that are sought. In addition, a yearly “catastrophic cap” puts a limit on how much a family has to pay directly out of their own pockets for services sought. These amounts vary and are contingent upon the status of the military sponsor. The following table displays the co-payments to be made depending upon military rank and status:

Cost of TRICARE Standard Co-payments

Active Duty Service Members  If the rank is E4 and below: $50 per individual, but no more than $100 per family. If the rank is E5 and above: $150 per individual, but no more than $300 per family.
Guard/Reserve Service Members If rank is E4 and below: $50 per individual, but no more than $100 per family.If rank is E5 and above: $150 per individual, but no more than $300 per family.
Retired Service Members $150 per individual.No more than $300 per family.

 Furthermore, cost sharing is based on the type of care you seek and also the type of service provider that you go to (network or non-network).


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  1. Looking for medical insurance for a veteran, for my son ,that is affordable. Need some help for him.

  2. Ernest A Hudson

    I’ve been trying to apply to Tricare but everything seems to be just taking my information not actually signing me up. How do I apply.

  3. My husband is getting ready to retire from the Montana National Guard on Septemer 30, 2016 we are interested in some information on Tricare Standard health insurance and the dental plan for retirees. Could you send us a booklet on coverage for Tricare Standard and the dental plan? We need to know premium costs, deductibles, doctors in our area etc.

    Thank you,

    Tammi Berg

  4. Trying to log in to tricare, to find out which Pcp.

  5. How in the heck do I find out if a referral has been approved?!

    I have called all the numbers I can find and it is either the wrong department or it never rings at all. I listened to silence on an open line for 3 min. before I gave up. Also tried to log on and couldn’t tried to change password and never received the email promised to do so.

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