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TRICARE Reserve Select

The TRICARE Reserve Select program is now offered to select members of the United States National Guard or Reserve without specific military

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TRICARE Coverage for Young Adults

In 2011, a premium-based plan for health care specifically designed for young adults was launched by TRICARE called TRICARE Young Adult (TYA). This plan was designed especially for dependent adult children

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TRICARE Dental care is offered to service members who are active on duty through a military dentist. Service members, retirees, Reserve members

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Dental Program

The Active Duty Dental Program is a program which focuses on dental care only for members of the military. Dental care is provided to service members

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Dental Benefits

TRICARE Dental offers non-orthodontic dental services up to a maximum annual total amount of $1,300 per year. This is available for all activated members

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TRICARE Pharmacy Program

TRICARE offers an exceptional pharmacy program to qualified members serving in the United States Army, Navy or Air Force. The benefits also include TRICARE for Life (TFL)

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