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Eligibility and the Benefits Offered by the TRICARE Health Care ProgramHome Mortgage Overview

The military members who are on active duty are very well aware of the benefits offered by the TRICARE health program and also of the retiree dental benefits offered under this program.

Services Offered in TRICARE Program BenefitsEligible for a VA Home Loan

TRICARE offers an all-inclusive, economic health care coverage that has a robust chemists’ benefit, several health program options, oral care options and other specific programs.

Various Coverage Plans Under the TRICARE Health Care Program Why Choose a VA Home Loan

TRICARE is a health care program offered to the retirees and service members along with their survivors and families. TRICARE health benefits are also offered to the National Guard

DEERS- The Gateway to TRICAREMortgage Rates for VA Home Loans

People usually do not understand the difference between being qualified for and getting registered with TRICARE.

The Items Included Under the TRICARE Health Care Programs Are You a First-Time Homebuyer

A few of the examples of the things that the TRICARE health care programs particularly include besides the diagnostic and medical treatments it offers are provided below.

Who is Entitled to TRICARE Benefits Financing Options Available When Buying a Home

TRICARE is a kind of healthcare benefit which is entitled to surviving family members of sponsors who passed on and they were either retired from active duty or while on active duty.

TRICARE Beneficiary Online EnrollmentContract Guidelines for VA Home Loans

TRICARE’S online enrollment portal for beneficiaries enables all United States beneficiaries to take charge of TRICARE Prime remote admissions.

The Benefits to the Military Family How to be a Responsible Homeowner

The Department of Defense is quite specific when it comes to designating benefits to the eligible family members. The Armed Forces considers a dependent parent or parent-in-law,

TRICARE for Transitional Service Members Streamline (IRRRL) Refinancing for VA Loans

Recently the congress has granted the eligibility of up to 180 days for availing TRICARE benefits for certain former active-duty officers, Guard members and Reserve officers.

Extended Eligibility for Combat VeteransThe VA Cash-Out Refinancing Program

The National Defense Authorization Act-2008 was signed for the first time on 28th January 2008. The law extended the eligibility period of health care from 2 years to 5 years

Special Provisions Offered to Guard and Reserve Members Who are on Active DutyThe VA Cash-Out Refinancing Program

A family gets eligible for TRICARE Prime and TRICARE Standard duty the day the Guard and Reserve members serve for more than 30 days on active duty.

Veterans Health CareThe VA Cash-Out Refinancing Program

The Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides the veterans with a number of medical benefits packages that emphasize on preventive as well as primary care by offering full range outpatient & inpatient services.

VA Medical Benefits PackageThe VA Cash-Out Refinancing Program

The following are the main care services that covered ex-soldiers will qualify for:

Extended Eligibility for Combat VeteransThe VA Cash-Out Refinancing Program

The National Defense Authorization Act-2008 was signed for the first time on 28th January 2008. The law extended the eligibility period of health care from 2 years to 5 years

Enrollment in VA Health CareThe VA Cash-Out Refinancing Program

When you sign up for the enrollment with Veterans Health Administration, the eligibility of your health care status needs to be verified.

VA Health Care ExpensesThe VA Cash-Out Refinancing Program

Almost all veterans who are not service related and those who cannot be compensated as they fall under 0 percent service-related veterans

Management Change in TRICARE Western RegionThe VA Cash-Out Refinancing Program

Since 1st April, 2013 United Health Care Military and Veterans is the new contractor for TRICARE west region, though TRICARE benefits are still the same after this change.

Filling Prescriptions from Non-VA ProvidersThe VA Cash-Out Refinancing Program

You must know that VA will only provide the medication that is approved by VA medical care along with the VA providers. It is not a simple task.


TRICARE Prime is the cheapest health care benefit and is opted by almost all in-duty military men and their families. It is a managed medical service like resident Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

Eligibility for TRICARE Primewhat is TRICARE

Besides on-duty servicemen, following persons are also eligible to avail TRICARE Prime:

Features of the TRICARE Prime Programthe need for tricare

The program that offers the most comprehensive and affordable managed care option is TRICARE Prime. It is offered in areas where military treatment facilities are offered.

TRICARE Global Remote Overseaswho and what is covered

The TRICARE Global Remote Overseas is an optional service that is offered in designated remote overseas areas for members who are on active duty, their families included.

TRICARE Overseas Primewho and whatnot covered

When a family stays overseas, they can enroll in TRICARE Prime that is suitable for people overseas. This enrollment is not automatic family members you have to enroll them.

What is TRICARE Prime Remote Programmaking your case

There’s a program called TRICARE Prime Remote for people who are unable to make use of the ordinary TRICARE Prime due to geographical reasons.

TRICARE Prime Travel Expense Reimbursementeligibility

TRICARE Prime Remote and TRICARE Prime recipients might be qualified to attain “legitimate travel cost” that can be paid off by TRICARE when they are accredited by their Primary Care Manager (PCM)

Travel Reimbursement Facility for Members Enrolled Under the TRICARE Prime Remote Programthe pros and cons

TRICARE covers reasonable travel expenses when TRICARE Remote family members and non-active duty TRICARE Prime beneficiaries are referred by their Primary Care Manager [PCM].

Services by TRICARE StandardApplying for a VA Home Loan Refinance

TRICARE Standard has the best and greatest flexibility when choosing a doctor. Their services do not restrict you on doctor selection;

TRICARE Standardmaking your case

TRECARE standard is not available for free, even though it has no enrollment fees. There is a portion of medical cost that is paid known as copayments or deductibles.

An Overview of the TRICARE Standard and Extra Service Planmaking your case

The TRICARE Standard and Extra service plan for the duty beneficiaries of the non-active status in the entire US. An additional fee is to be paid for this service and you don’t need to enroll for this service.

TRICARE Extramaking your case

TRICARE eligible members are allowed to use TRICARE Extra, the only people who cannot use it are the active duty members. Under this program,

TRICARE Plus Benefitsmaking your case

TRICARE Plus is a program that is given at selected military facilities. The program allows enrollment of primary care at any military facility that offers the treatment.

TRICARE Insurance

TRICARE Standards or Extra has substantial deductibles for the cost of copays. Insurance firms have policies with TRICARE to offer these services to service members,

TRICARE for Lifemaking your case

TRICARE for Life is a type of coverage that is entitled to the military retirees; in order to acquire this coverage, you must sign up for the Medicare B, eligible to Medicare A

Changes in the Health Benefits of TRICARE Program When You Retiremaking your case

Once you retire, the health benefits of your TRICARE program changes. Let us have a look at these changes-

TRICARE for Life and the Department of Veterans Affairsmaking your case

If you opt for the TRICARE beneficiary via the Department of Veterans Affairs Facility then you will have to pay an additional charge known as the VA especially for the non service connected ailments

TRICARE Post Retirementmaking your case

As an active duty retiree, you are not exempted from receiving all healthcare provisions availed to military members at Active Duty treatment facilities.

TRICARE Retiree Programmaking your case

When you separate from military service, National Guard or Reserve, changes in your family’s as well as your TRICARE benefits will be effected depending on your options and age.

Understanding TRICARE making your case

The word TRICARE is everywhere. But most people do not know what it is. So I am going to give discuss the basics of what is TRICARE so that everybody will be able to understand at least what it is.

Enrollment Information for TRICARE and Medicaremaking your case

TRICARE for LIFE (TFL) is a wraparound package provided by TRICARE and is made available to all TRICARE Medicare-eligible beneficiaries if they have in their possession,

Important Information about TRICARE Plan Retired Reservemaking your case

TRICARE Retired Reserve is a health plan which is based on a premium. This plan is solely for retired Reserve officers, their family members and their survivors.

The TRICARE Retiree Dental Benefitmaking your case

TRICARE Retiree Dental program is a retirement bonus that administered by California’s Delta Dental Plan that is entitled to both uniformed service members and their families.

Know More About the TRICARE Retiree Dental Programmaking your case

The TRICARE Retiree Dental Program, also known as TRDP, had served the retired Uniformed Service Personnel’s as well as their family members since its inception on 1stof February 1998,

TRICARE for Life Overseas Health Programmaking your case

Coverage is offered by Medicare in U.S. Territories and in the United States. TRICARE assumes the role of the primary payer while utilizing TRICARE for Life in the overseas locations.

Using TRICARE While Living Overseasmaking your case

Coverage is provided in the U.S and its territories by Medicare. If TRICARE for life is used overseas, TRICARE becomes the major payer. Thus, paying the annual deductible,

TRICARE for Life Coverage for Medicare Usersmaking your case

Available to all the beneficiaries of TRICARE, the TRICARE for Life [TFL] is a wraparound health care plan and is offered irrespective of the place of residence

Enrollment in Uniformed Services Family15 Year vs 30 Year Mortgage Comparison Calculator

The eligibility to enroll in Uniformed Services Family Health Plan (USFHP) depends upon the location of the member.

TRICARE Reserve Select Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator

The TRICARE Reserve Select program is now offered to select members of the United States National Guard or Reserve without specific military service requirements.

TRICARE Extended Care Health Option Program (ECHO)Maximum Mortgage Calculator

The Extended Care Health Option program is an auxiliary program by TRICARE that caters for the financial needs of eligible military force family members

TRICARE Coverage for Young Adult Mortgage Affordability Calculator

In the year 2011 a premium based plan for health care was launched by TRICARE which is called TRICARE Young Adult (TYA).

Information About TRICARE Young Adult Mortgage Calculator

Please calculate your query by our automated software Please calculate your query by our automated software

TRICARE Dental Mortgage Comparison Calculator

TRICARE Dental care is given to service members who are active on duty through a military dentist.

Dental ProgramMortgage Payment Calculator

Please calculate your query by our automated software Please calculate your query by our automated software

Dental Benefits Mortgage Points Calculator

Active Duty Dental Program, This is a program that is concerned with dental care only. The dental care is given to service members who are in duty stations

All about TRICARE Vision Facilities Mortgage Principal Calculator

Veterans and their family members of age three or more enrolled for TRICARE are given the benefit of eye checkup once in every two consecutive years.

TRICARE Pharmacy Program Mortgage Tax Deduction Calculator

TRICARE offers an excellent pharmacy benefit program to qualified members serving in army, Navy or Air force. The benefits also include TRICARE for Life (TFL)

TRICARE Medicinal ProgramPrivate Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Calculator

TRICARE’s medicine cover is available to all DEERS enrolled eligible TRICARE beneficiaries. This cover is available worldwide and is applicable to any health Plan option

Prescriptions of VARefinance Calculator

Required prescriptions are provided to those receiving medical treatment. Few veterans like service-related veterans who are rated fifty percent disabled or more

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D)Rent vs Own Calculator

Medicare prescription drug plan (Part D) is currently available to all Medicare Part A or Part B members. Almost all of TRICARE

Special VA ProgramsRent vs Own Calculator

In order to address some special sort of illnesses and issues, the government ensures the provision of specific treatments to the members of VA.

The Program of VA Polytrauma CareRent vs Own Calculator

Polytrauma care is provided to veterans and members returning from their services with injuries to several physical parts or organ system, which may be life threatening