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Veterans and their family members, ages 3 and older, and enrolled in TRICARE are offered the benefit of eye checkups once every two years.

All about TRICARE Vision Facilities and Benefits

Veterans and their family members, ages 3 and older, and enrolled in TRICARE are offered vision facilities and benefit of eye checkups once every two years. The veterans need to make an appointment with any of the TRICARE providers within the network. There is no need for an authorization or referral from your Manager of Primary Care or even from the health care finder. If a particular eye test is unavailable at a network provider, you can complete the vision checkup at any other non-network provider as long as you provide authorization from the health care finder and a referral from your Manager of Primary Care. However, if a veteran completes the services of a non-network provider without the authorization and referral, the option for TRICARE Prime Point of Service will be be used and the veteran will have responsible to pay any expenses from the appointment.

There are two exceptions to the basic benefits of general vision care:

 1. Pediatric vision screening is available in the case of the birth of a newborn allows and also when the infant is six months old.

2.  Any diabetic patient is permitted to have a complete eye checkup annually.

The TRICARE Extra and TRICARE Standard plans do not include vision examinations for all enrolled participants. However,  the exam is available to those who have a medical condition which is covered by those plans. Retired personnel and their dependent family members who are enrolled in the TRICARE Extra, TRICARE for Life, and TRICARE Standard plans are not eligible for regular eye checkups.


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  1. I’m scanning this website where I am told I can find vision care providers within the Tricare network. I live in Bristol, RI. Can you please provide a link – or list?

  2. I need to have some question answered on my parents policy on coverage. thank you

  3. I am not sure if I am too late regarding this, but some time last year I went for an eye appointment, and not telling them I had Medicare & Tricare, so was charged $75.00. It was at University of Colorado Hospital. I did call a few places, and it sounded like a refund would be sent me, but at this late date, have not received any.
    I hope I am contacting the right people?

    I go to a private dentist, and have been paying for teeth work many years. Could I have received benefits there too? Thank you for your help.

  4. Reese Witherspoon

    Is there a Vision Program in Tri-care for a military retiree with Tri-Care prime?

    I need to have an eye-exam done, get fitted for and purchase eye-glasses.

  5. I was picked up drinking and driving. Now the state said that I have to get and alcohol evaluation and go to out patient treatment. Will Tricare cover this and/or any ideas where to start or places for treatment?


  7. I am retired and was just told I am losing my vision and dental care and have to find new options ?? am very lost as what to do I live in NE Virginia ??? please help me !!

  8. My wife has been charged for a SHINGRIX Zoster (shingles) vaccine. Why is that

  9. I need to find test results. The laboratory on base said to go on and sign up to see results. How can I do that?

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