TRICARE for Life and the Department of Veterans Affairs

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If you opt for the TRICARE benefits via the Department of Veterans Affairs Facility, then you will have to pay an additional charge to the VA. This is especially for non-service connected ailments and disorders.

If you opt for the TRICARE benefits via the Department of Veterans Affairs Facility, then you will have to pay an additional charge to the VA. This is especially for non-service connected ailments and disorders. Generally veterans are  advised to use this channel only if they are seeking assistance for the service-connected disabilities or illnesses through a Veterans Affairs Facility. If you are a higher priority veteran, there is no need to worry because this rule does not apply in that case. Also, veterans who are considered to have 10-40% of disability will always receive free care for any condition. Those veterans are only required to pay a co-payment of $8 when obtaining outpatient medication for the non-service connected conditions. There is an exception for veterans who have service connected ratings of 50% or higher disability because they are not required to make any care payments to the VA.

To obtain more information on how to enroll for medical care among other valuable information, you can look online at or you can call the toll free number 800-772-1213. You may also log into

Information about Medicare Part B

Your medical benefits are prone to change once you are 65 years old  and the good news is that you will be able to obtain a notification via the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) 90 days prior to your birthday. After that, you will be required to contact any Medicare Office or Social Security office within your area in order to acquire information regarding your eligibility. You only become eligible then for TRICARE for Life and when you are enrolled in Medicare Part B. The significance of having TRICARE for Life is that any health care costs that exceed the Medicare coverage is usually paid once you are 65 years years old.

If you have already reached 65 years old and you do not have part Medicare Part B, you can just sign up for it during the enrollment period that is usually open from January 1 to March 31. This coverage is always available to you once you are enrolled  and you will start receiving it on the first day of the month of July upon enrolling.

Keep in mind that you have to enroll to Medicare B even if you are entitled to Medicare A because it is an assurance that you will be able to obtain TRICARE for Life benefit coverage. Why should you be part of TRICARE? TRICARE now recognizes all providers who offer medical care and are in a position to accept TRICARE Medicare but you have to ensure that the provider is authorized; if the provider is not authorized, TRICARE will automatically decline any claims.

TRICARE for Life Overseas

If you are enrolled in Medicare B and you live overseas, you are allowed to use the TRICARE for Life program. Most health care coverage is not provided to people living overseas, therefore, TRICARE will only provide standard benefits.  This is available to retirees who are under the age of 65 years old and note that you will be required to pay for copayments and other deductibles.

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  • AlthoughTRICARE has been around for many years now, I still run into providers who take on the famous “thousand yard stare” when I tell them one of my insurance carriers is TRICARE. The puzzlement compounds itself when they ask me for an insurance card and I tell them there isn’t any. Do you think it may be a benefit to all Tricare eligible personnel to have some sort of an ID card other than our military ID card and explanations that have to go along with it?

    • When you go to the doctor, you will be asked for your uniformed service ID card when you check in. The office is allowed to and will make a copy of your ID card. You may not have to show your ID card after the first time you show it, but you should always have it just in case.

      The DoD Benefits Number (DBN) is an 11-digit number found on the back of your military ID card that can be used to verify eligibility and file claims. This is the number your doctor’s office will need to use (or you if you’re filing your own claims).

  • I would like to enroll my agency in TriCare. I was instructed to access this website and download the non-network application. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the application. Need help.
    Thank you.

  • I am in TriCare for Life …. my question is DO YOU HAVE THE SILVER SNEAKERS PROGRAM and if so how do I get into the program to use locally.

  • My wife needs to take Prolia for osteoporosis. She’s previously taken Boniva and can no longer take it. There is no generic for Prolia and the cost for the injection ranges from $1200 to $1400 depending where you get it. She needs two per year. Traicare does NOT cover this medication. However, Medicare Part D does. Since Tricare is deemed to be equivalent to Medicare Part D for Obamacare and other purposes, then why doesn’t TRICARE cover this expense? In your own literature, it’s stated that it’s equivalent and in some cases better. In this case, NOT. My cousin’s wife just started taking Prolia and has Medicare Part D and United Healthcare as her supplement. Virtually all of her cost was covered. I could sign up for Medicare Part D for about $40 per month and be farther ahead just on this drug alone.

  • I have Tri Care for Life, since I turned 65. Can I use VA medical to get hearing aids, as Tri Care does not provide them?