Costs of Tricare Dental

Costs of Tricare Dental

Concerned about how much you are going to end up having to pay for dental treatment coverage? Read on to find out about the Costs of TRICARE Dental involved, such as monthly premiums and cost shares.

Types of TRICARE Dental costs/charges

There are two types of costs/charges, which are to be incurred with TRICARE Dental; monthly premiums and cost shares. Monthly premiums are calculated, based upon the sponsor’s military status and the number of people covered under the plan (single person or multiple family members). On the other hand, cost shares are calculated by keeping track of all the services performed, the military sponsor’s pay designation, and the location where medical treatment is sought or received.

Monthly Premiums:

This is the amount you pay per month for your health plan. For TRICARE dental, premiums are calculated keeping in mind the designated status or duty of the military sponsor (Active Duty, Guard/Reserve or Retired). It also depends on the type of enrolment; whether it is for the sponsor only, for a single family member, more than one family member or if it includes the sponsor and family members. You pay premiums to get coverage for the next month.

Cost Shares:

Cost shares are charges that have to be paid separately and not as part of the insurance plan. They are out of pocket charges, and are incurred for certain services that the insurance plan does not cover. Cost shares are determined by taking into account the pay grade of the military sponsor in question. Another factor in calculating cost shares is the residential status of where the beneficiaries live. Either you can live in continental USA, which is the main land, comprising of 48 states or you can live off continent in the two states of Alaska and Hawaii.

The TRICARE Dental Plan Contract is for a year and can be renewed annually. The yearly maximum payment is $1,300 per person. However, while it is an insurance plan in place for dental services, it is not comprehensive in its entirety. Diagnostic services are free but there are other dental services that are not covered under the dental plan at all. For example, basic restorative services can cost up to 20% of the overall service charges. TRICARE Dental can prove to be a costly endeavor so it must be kept in mind that enrolment is on a purely voluntary basis.

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